We work together, we strive together, we succeed together.


Our clients can expect the best from their technicians and the safety of knowing that we are reliable and dependable. They also love our atmosphere, our cleanliness and pampering.

I lease stations and you are an independant contractor responsible for your own income.  I DO NOT offer commissions except for product sales.  Working with us means that I can help you with building your clientele, help you book new and/or existing clients and inspect your area to keep compliant with State Board sanitation requirements.


What to Expect as Nail technician in our salon:


☺ At A La Carte Salon & Wig Boutique we share our knowledge, tips & tricks and support each other.


☺ If building new clientele, this could mean some down-time of waiting. This is important to know as it is the process we all go through. I help with walk-ins if you are here waiting for them. We do not call you if we need you.

☺ We pool together our nail polishes, we also share the cost of pedicure supplies (such as all deluxe pedicure ingredients, toe separators and wipes), the rest of your instruments and products are yours to supply and be responsible for including pedicure towels. A list of your necessary items will be given to you prior to working with us.


☺ The salon carries a full line of soak-off gel polish (Cuccio Veneer) with the newest addition of Le Chat (color & top coat in one), at no extra cost to you except for your top & bottom coat.


☺  We are a NO FUME salon, meaning if you use acrylic, you must use an odorless monomer. We like CND odorless sculpting liquid but there are many out there in the market.


☺ We use Vagaro to book our pedicure chairs. Vagaro has a great "online booking request" feature that is available for any technician if desired.



We are seeking an additional technician. The ideal candidate would be someone eager to build their clientele with us.


We offer technical help, encouragement and friendship. Must be willing to be here to take walk-ins. Must understand what it takes to build your clientele.


Our new location is clean, very well maintained and is bringing in more traffic.


Experience or existing clientele not required.


You can call for more information.